15 Incredible Images From The Iconic 1969 Woodstock Festival


Even if you weren't even remotely close to being born in 1969, the likelihood is that you've heard of Woodstock Festival. Held on a dairy farm in New York state, a last minute change of venue meant that there wasn't time to complete proper fencing and lots of concert-goers just walked on in without paying, bringing the total number of attendees to 400,000. Anyone who was anyone in the '60s hippy scene at least claimed to have been at Woodstock, but there's still a lot of mythos and mystique surrounding the festival. Luckily, LIFE photographers Bill Eppridge and John Dominis were there to capture what things were like on the ground for concert-goers. These fifteen incredible images will give you a better idea of what it was really like at Woodstock!
















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