The Most Unexpected Things That Happened on Graduation

It’s a time for celebrating but that doesn’t always mean it goes smoothly. Unexpected things on Graduation Day can happen that nobody saw coming.

During the busy ceremony, all we want is to go up on that stage and get our diploma without getting into any embarrassing situations. Some people have the time of their lives, while others, not so much. Let’s see the most unexpected things that happened on graduation.

The kind of surprise everyone would want to have during graduation!

It would’ve been just okay if no one else was around.

Just exercising his rights of freedom of speech.

The graduation dance of the century!

If you can’t graduate, no one can… or at least they can’t have a great one.

“Catch me, I’m falling for you…”

But hey, whatever happens just happens. What matters is that you graduated.

Some days are rough… apparently yours was during graduation.


Unexpected things on graduation day that happened to the best of us

No one can blame you, graduations can be pretty boring.

Graduations needs to have a little thrill.

It could’ve happen to anyone.

Something to remember you by.

At least someone didn’t have uncomfortable feet during one of their biggest days.

Just the usual graduation traffic…

Now you know your crush noticed you.

The timing couldn’t have gotten any worse! No one can even sugar coat the whole situation.

When you suddenly realize you were having the best graduation ceremony ever.

The great reveal…

It was a big event… we all take selfies on events we want to remember.

Hopefully, you’re right.

While not all of these were unexpected things on graduation day to the student graduating, they were certainly unexpected to the audience watching!