Epic Design Fails You’ll Find Hard To Believe Actually Happened

Here at Awesome Inventions, we’ve brought you our fair share of design fails themed posts in the past. However, it would seem there is no shortage of such errors around the world so we’ve got even more new material for your viewing pleasure. It really is hard to believe how certain people can claim to be designers, yet fail so miserably when it comes to the most plain and simple things. Take a look below to see some epic design fails that are sure to leave you confused and amused! 

Epic Design Fails

The shop that sells nightmares…

‘What a brilliant drainage system!’ Said no one, ever. 

This is one reason you should always read the label carefully! 

Our brains just can’t figure out why this elevator button selection is the way it is…

There’s something about this that just seems flawed… 

This is one strange looking duck.

That barbed wire really made this gate secure. 

Not to be used for navigational purposes!

This seems a little difficult to adhere to… 

We wanted to like this platypus tea diffuser but something just doesn’t seem right about it! 

This company aims to please!

The perfect set of stairs for those who like to live life dangerously! 

Everything was going well until you see the bottom right photo! 

A hilariously flawed t-shirt design! 

This version of Winnie The Pooh thrives on the souls of children…

Life in a nutshell.