27 Astonishing Facts That Reveal A New Perspective On Our World

It doesn’t matter if you’re 30, 50, or 90 years old, no one in this world knows absolutely everything. There is always something new, or old, out there to learn about and discover. We firmly believe that the saying ‘knowledge is power’ is completely true. Here we have a list of astonishing facts that reveal a new perspective on our world. We were pretty shocked to learn some of them! Take a look, you might just be able to impress someone with your new found knowledge! 

Adam And Eve

When it comes to Adam and Eve, there is no specific mention of the apple that was eaten in the Bible. It simply mentions a fruit from a certain tree. 

Astronauts And Beans

We all know what beans can do to certain people. Astronauts are not allowed to eat beans before going into space because the gases can be harmful to their space suits! 


The last census in Bhutan was held in 1975. No ones knows exactly what the population is there. 


At a time when the erasers we all know today didn’t exist, people used bread crumbs instead! We need to see how this works…

Birth Control

Studies have shown that birth control pills also work on gorillas. 


When translated, ‘Canada’ means ‘big village. It is originally a Native American word. 


This adorable species of bird cannot walk! 

Warm Hands Equals Warm Thoughts

Holding something like a hot drink in your hands causes the person to view the people around them as more friendly. 

The Hercules Beetle

The image below beholds a Hercules beetle. It may only weigh 100g but it can lift up to 8kg! This makes it the strongest creature on earth. 


Nestled in our oceans, there is around 200 times more gold than has so far been extracted in human history. 

Dolls In France

In France, you’ll find that all of the dolls have human faces. That is because it is forbidden to sell dolls without them. 

Eye Gunk

Eye ‘gunk’ often accumulates when you sleep. It is actually always present in the eye as a ‘tear film’ to keep your eyes lubricated. However, when we sleep we aren’t blinking which causes a build up. 


Crocodiles have been know to deliberately swallow stones to help them sink to greater depths. 

Sending A Building In The Mail

A man was once able to send a 40 ton house through the mail. This was obviously to avoid high shipping costs. Unfortunately for anyone who wants to do the same, since 1916 it has been illegal to send a building through the post in the United States. 


Some Inuits have been known to use refrigerators to prevent their food from freezing in the cold temperatures that they live in. 


In Japan, there is a legend that if an umbrella is left lying around on its own for a long time, it will develop one leg and one eye, becoming a demon called ‘Kasa-obake’. 

Lion Tamers

Lions can only focus on one thing to attack at a time. That is why lion tamers use stools.

Number Plates New Hampshire

The number plates in New Hampshire are created by the state’s convicts. They read ‘live free or die’. 

Loaded Dice

On a loaded dice, the sum of the numbers on opposing sides equal 7. 

Nepal Flag

The Nepal flag is the only one in the world that isn’t square or rectangular. 

Self Serve Restaurant

The first self service restaurant was set up in New York. Diners had to eat standing up and only men were allowed in! 

William Shakespeare

The English poet had many different ways of pronouncing his own name. 

Watching TV Vs Sleeping

Your brain is actually more active when you are sleeping than when you are watching TV. 


You may have stumbled across a pair of shoes hanging on a telephone wire. There are many differing opinions on why this occurs. A few examples include… showing where you can buy drugs, marking a gang’s territory, a sign of students graduating and trying to short circuit the electric supply. 

Raining Frogs

One interesting day in 1997, there was an entire storm of frogs in a Mexican town. It was quite literally raining frogs! 

Polar Bears

Grown up polar bears often only eat the fat and skin of their prey. This is so the meat is left behind for cubs.

Sense Of Smell

When we are are asleep, we have no sense of smell. 


This one isn’t a fact. But, can you imagine if this was what the back of Mount Rushmore looked like? We found this highly amusing!