14 Amusing Transformations From A Kid’s Drawings To Reality That Will Make You Laugh

The mind of a child is a wonderful thing. They process, create and imagine very differently to us adults. Here we want to introduce the awesome drawings of six year old Dom. Dom loves to draw and his dad likes to put a realistic spin on things. Using some digital manipulation and basing off of Dom’s drawings, his dad brings the creations to life and places them into our reality. We absolutely love the end results! They aren’t only fascinating to look at, but also pretty amusing. Well done Dom and dad! Take a look and enjoy!
Website: ThingsIHaveDrawn

We love the smiley face!

A zebra with a twist!

The most interesting swan interpretation we’ve ever seen!

Notice those little razor teeth? Killer fish!

We think that’s an awesome elephant drawing!

A very close match to the drawing!

We think Dom is going to go onto great places!

This is actually a really cool design for a car!

A unique butterfly was born!

We aren’t too sure what this one is… any guesses?!

Check out that mane! 

A boat we’d be happy to sail on!

We like the color scheme used here!

The happiest lamb ever!