This Is What It Would Look Like If People Still Dressed In 18th Century Clothing


Most of us are familiar with 18th century court fashion, from old paintings or maybe even from period dramas we've seen on screen. But, what if there were still people today who wore the clothing styled like the past while going about their day to day life? When Montreal-based photographer Thibault Carron was approached by his friend, Marie-Astrid Berry, to shoot a series of anachronistic photos showing a 'Marie-Antoinette-style' lady in modern situations, he jumped at the chance. The resulting photographs are highly interesting, as we're not used to seeing such old-fashioned dress in a modern context. However, it also makes you think about how restrictive life was for ladies back in the 18th century. This kind of clothing was designed for women who would get no chance to do much of anything, other than attend balls and learn needle-crafts, not for someone who would live a full and active life! Take a look!
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