15 Things Or People That Look Similar To Other Stuff

Have you ever looked at a bunch of chocolate crossiants, and seen a whole lot of sloth faces staring back at you? Have you ever looked at a potato and seen a seal? Or, have you ever looked at a picture of Madonna and thought to yourself, she looks just like a frog sitting down? Nope, neither had we. Yet, we have to admit, that when placed alongside pictures of the things they apparently look similar to, the below 15 things actually do look similar to each other. Do you agree? Take a look for yourself!

This part of a floor heating unit looks like an AT-AT Walker.

This duck’s bill looks like a wolf.

This pup looks like Firefox.

French Minister of Education looks like she’s ready to avenge Oberyn.

Chocolate croissants that look like little sloths.

Duck Squash.

This guy spotted in a cafe looks just like Gandalf.

Donald Trump looks like an ear of corn!

Potato. Seal. What’s the diff?

Neil Patrick Harris and Benedict Cumberbatch… totally Beavis and Butthead.

This 3000 year old Egyptian bust looks a bit like Michael Jackson.

Leonardo Dicaprio and Jack Nicholson look eerily alike in this pic.

A heavily pregnant Kim Kardashian looks like the Penguin from Batman Returns in this dress.

Madonna looks like this frog!

This NYC taxi driver looks just like Einstein. 

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