You’ll Never Believe What This War Veteran Did to a Taiwanese Village

The village of Taichung in Taiwan is home to some extremely unusual houses. This community was once a barracks of sorts, containing housing for soldiers, but the soldiers had long since moved on and the village was dilapidated. Rumor has it that it was due to be torn down when 90-year-old war veteran, Huang Yongfu, started painting the houses and streets in amazing rainbow colors and transformed a drab and depressing area into something out of a dream. It's unclear whether Yongfu started painting the village simply to pass the time, or if he had some connection with the area and wanted to prevent it from being torn down. Either way, the village is now one of Taiwan's best-loved tourist attractions and certainly won't be going anywhere soon.



Walking through these rainbow streets must be an incredible experience. The whole village has an otherworldly feel to it.




Yongfu's paintings may have a childlike quality, but we think they're truly magical.