These Houses Might Be Tiny, But They’re Making a Huge Difference


During their protests, members of Occupy Madison realized that there were many more homeless individuals and families in their city than they had imagined, and wanted to do something to help. These tiny houses might not seem like much to those of us who have never had to worry about keeping a roof over our heads, but to those who have nowhere else to go, these homes provide warmth and shelter, allow people to have a place to store their possessions and make it easier for people to go out and find work and other housing, which is near impossible when you don't have an address of your own. Six such houses are being built this year, with more planned for 2015. Those moving in before the holidays will find their homes already decked out with lights and a tree.

Website: Occupy Madison


One of the great things about these houses is that they're fairly simple to construct.


It's amazing to see a community coming together to achieve such a worthwhile goal. People from all walks of life are getting involved in the project, even those who didn't necessarily agree with the original aims of the Occupy movement.


Once built, the houses can easily be moved to their permanent locations.




Here's the ribbon cutting ceremony for the first tiny houses.


After which, the first residents got a chance to look around their new homes.


Watch the video below