Women Who Stayed A Virgin Until Marriage Reveal Their Regrets

Preserving one’s virginity until marriage is something that many people choose to do. Some people do this for religious reasons whilst others simply know what they do and don’t want to do.  This decision depends entirely on the woman. Unfortunately, saving yourself for marriage doesn’t always turn out how you would hope. Here we have a list of women who stayed a virgin until marriage revealing their regrets. Take a look… 

Waited for the wrong guy.

If only you could turn back time.

Self-blame is the ultimate emotional abuse.

Life is too short to entertain regrets. Live fully ahead.

The regrets you have to live with.

All is fair in love and war.

Decisions determine destiny.

Trying it all beforehand.

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Does size really matter that much?

Regret is always in the end.

The price of waiting is unpredictable.

No spice, no life.

The things we never realize until it’s too late.

Mistakes are inevitable.


Regrets can cripple the present.

It sucks when you’re left with nothing but disappointment and shock!