Pictures That Reveal The Struggles That Left Handed People Face

Left handed people make up about 10% of the population. They aren’t considered strange by any means, but for some reason some right handed people just can’t help but seem a little baffled when they catch sight of a leftie, which can be rather annoying! Not only this, but there are a few universal issues that left handed people tend to face, seeing as most of the world caters to right handed people. Here we have some amusing images that reveal the struggles that left handed people face. Take a look! 

The Struggles That Left Handed People Face

And then you tell them your left handed and they don’t know what to say… 


Erasers are a leftie’s best friend. 

It seems ridiculous that many class rooms only have 1 left handed desk! 

An amusing gift for your left handed loved ones. 

This is truly unfair! 

Instagram stalking can be tricky as a leftie. 

‘Just let me live my life’, brilliant! 

The tug on the pen is so annoying! 

With round tables, you always end up irritating someone. 

Silver surfer syndrome is such a pain! 

Seriously, what are lefties supposed to do here?!

Right handed people, take note!

Struggles That Left Handed People Face things people say


Someone got a mouth full of horn!