This Guy Turned His Plain Kitchen Table Into An Awesome Monopoly Board

Reddit user ToastnEggs enjoys working with acrylic on canvas however one day realized his supplies had dried up. What was he to do? Looking at his kitchen table he realized it was a blank canvas which he was yet to discover. So he went into his junk drawer, got out his old wood burners and set to work on creating a Monopoly table. Taking 40 hours from beginning to end, he created the piece and even though he felt that the end staining was a little “off”, we think that his table looks awesome!

Website: Reddit

He started off with a plain kitchen table.

He collected his tools together.

He then drafted his plan.

Drawing out the plan on the table.

Etching out the plan.

Carving the outline.

The Monopoly table is really taking shape.

It’s really looking like a Monopoly board!


A lot of workmanship went in to creating the piece.

The finished Monopoly table.

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