These Adorable Baby Animals Will Steal Your Heart

What is it about baby animals that makes even the toughest of guys turn to jelly? Perhaps it’s because these helpless and tiny infant creatures remind us of our own babies – all wide eyed, cute and curious. Whatever the reason behind the internet’s fixation with seeking out heartwarming images of young animals, you can get today’s fix here! From the cutest and smiliest baby parrots to sleepy squirrels, no matter what your favorite animal is, you’re likely to find one you love right here. Take a look and let us know which one you think’s the most adorable in the comments.  


This little guy’s loving life!

A baby Tasmanian devil yawning.

Look at their little faces!

What a tame little squirrel!

He enjoys playing hide-and-go-seek.

Sleepy squirrel cuddles.

Who knew that baby skunks were so cute?

Those eyes!

What a sweet little seal.

He looks so snug and peaceful!

Those smiles are amazing.

A happy little piglet.

We wonder what this duck-billed platypus is dreaming of.

Gorgeous baby meerkats!

Learning how to be a grown up and how to fend for yourself takes time. In fact, these little guys are just so helpless that they’re bringing out our protective side. It’d be lovely for all animals, our pets included, to stay babies forever! However, that just wouldn’t be fair, so we’re thankful that we can view all these beautiful images of young animals caught in time forever. If you’re enjoying these photos of baby animals, there are plenty more to come. There’s also a few images you might not expect. Just wait until you see how cute a baby spider and even a baby crocodile can be! 

Little ball of fluff.

Baby otters are so cool.

Just a baby musk ox going for a walk.

We all love a cute little kitten.

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but isn’t this baby spider cute?

You’ve got to love this little hippo.

A baby crocodile enjoying a neck rub.

Native to Australia, a baby eastern quoll.

Who’s this little kid?

A sleepy ground squirrel.

What tiny little hedgehogs!

How adorable is this boar piglet?

A tiny anteater!

What an amazing looking albino koala.