15 Epic Toys For Millionaires


What is the point in being ridiculously, insanely, incredibly rich if you don’t buy some really expensive stuff to fill up that mansion of yours? Make your friends and neighbors green with envy by showing just how far you’ve come in life. These 15 awesome products tell everyone you meet that you’ve made it. Let us know which is your favorite in the comments below.


gold lego

Everybody needs a 14K solid gold LEGO brick, don’t they??!

audiophile pod

Behold the Immersive Audiophile Pod. Do you think it’s worth the $32,000 price tag?


bbq boat

This boat is big enough to hold ten people AND has a barbecue. Awesome!


massage chair

Imagine relaxing in this at the end of the day. The chair massages and is heated, too. Heavenly!


tranquility pod

This strange looking contraption is the Tranquility Pod. Offering complete relaxation, it features sound, lights and vibration as well as a memory foam waterbed.


robot cooler

What could be better? A robot cooler which actually brings the beer to you! Find one here.

gotham golf cart

This Gotham Golf Cart is the coolest thing ever. Wow!



Fancy a romantic trip in a submarine for two?


light up shoes

These are insanely cool.


hair rejuvenator

How about a $700 Hands Free Hair Rejuvenation device?

computer work station

Wow. Just wow. This awesome computer work station combines air filtration, amazing sound quality and light therapy for the most incredible experience ever.


clear canoe

Imagine the incredible underwater scenes you could view with this crystal clear canoe. Find it here.


walk in beer cooler

This climate controlled walk in beer cooler holds over 30 cases and four kegs of ice cold beer. It even has its own tap!


aquarium coffee table

Show off to your friends with this amazing aquarium table! Find it here.

dry jet massager

This dry water jet massager uses audio, video and aromatherapy to fully relax you. At only $36,000, why not buy two?

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