13 Times ‘Stop Clickbait’ Read Pointless Articles So You Don’t Have To


We’ve all fallen victim to clickbait articles on the internet. You know, the kind of posts with titles that say “You won’t believe what was inside this giant cake” or “A kid walked down the road and you’ll never guess what happened next.” The titles pique your curiosity, but sadly the contents of the articles are usually disappointing. That’s where the Facebook page “Stop Clickbait” comes in handy. They post screenshots of clickbait article titles and then briefly summarize the point of the post so you can satisfy your curiosity without even having to open the article. Check out these thirteen times Stop Clickbait read pointless articles so you wouldn’t have to. 



Basically… no.


Wow. Who’d have thunk it?!


Incredible. Definitely worth writing a whole article about.


Without these brave pioneers, how would we ever have known?!


Oh, goodness. Is that really so?


This was actually a pretty interesting experiment from IFL Science to see how many people would believe what they read in the title of an article, and share it with their friends, without having ever opened the article and read what was inside. And apparently a lot of people will do just that.


Just in case you thought that the more foundation you wore, the more beautiful you would look.


Simply astounding that this person who looks like a young Hugh Jackman is, in fact, Hugh Jackman.


Blinking heck. What will she do next?!


Who would have thought that this cockroach-shaped cake had cake inside?


What a shocker!


A rock, you say?! Never!


Wow. You have to replace them if they go missing? Wow.

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