28 Hilarious And Heartwarming Dog Themed Tumblr Posts You Need To See

For those that aren’t aware, ‘Tumblr’ is a site that contains a huge amount of varying content from its users. Anyone can enjoy Tumblr as there’s everything from weird to wonderful and creepy to sad. Whatever you like to look at, research, or, merely browse at, Tumblr can offer it! Here, we focus on the awesome category that is dogs! Take a look below for 28 canine-themed posts that were found on Tumblr. They will have you both laughing and melting with love. Enjoy!

And, a pocket full of adorable!

Personally, we think ‘different’ is awesome!

Damn you, cheeky bird!

Not a far off description at first glance, to be fair!


What a resemblance!

R.I.P lizard!

We bet that is one soft dog.

There’s definitely a suspicious looking sheep in the background there!

This is absolutely hilarious.

When in doubt… pick them all!

Aww, that face!

Some dogs are kinder than humans.


It is so often said, but, dogs really are amazing creatures. Not only do they provide a lifetime of entertainment with their varying personalities, but they can also offer a love and comfort that is unlike anything else. Despite being a different species to us, the bond we create with dogs is something truly special. Their hilarious antics are just a wonderful bonus! If you’re loving what you’ve seen so far, keep going and you’ll find more amusing and heartwarming images! 

What an amazing photo!

This dog means business.

When you realize just how weird one of your friends is…


You can be whatever you want to be!

That look though! Ha!

What a lovely mailman.

Wow! Gorgeous!

Those eyes are making us melt!

A perfect fit!

That smile just oozes gratitude.

When you realize you’ve made a mistake…

We hope they didn’t get stuck!

Oh, how the tables have turned!