Men Hate Shopping and These Hilarious Photos Will Prove It

If there’s something that can delight a woman’s heart to the fullest, that’s shopping. However, the same cannot be said for the opposite sex. In contrast, men consider shopping as the most boring thing in the world. Men don’t see shopping the way women do. Some women try to drag their boyfriends along with their shopping. While some men refuse to let themselves fall into frustration, some devoted boyfriends are willing to go along. But don’t let this submission raise your hopes up just yet. They may agree to go with you but that doesn’t mean they enjoy it. Men hate shopping, it’s in their nature and we can’t do anything to change that. Here are some hilarious photos of men doing funny things while shopping with their beloved girlfriends.



Shopping can bring out a man’s feminine side.

Victoria’s Secret on sale is certainly the best day for girls. But not for these men who are forced to go along with their girlfriends.

With too much time on his hands, this guy kills time by trolling his girlfriend who have been looking at the same item for 30 minutes.

Men can be great shopping partners because they’ll carry the bags for you.

Women are detail-oriented when it comes to shopping. So bear with them for a little while, or perhaps for hours.

Who says purse are only for women?

When you tell your boyfriend to feel at home while you go shopping.

Let these funny pictures convince you that men hate shopping. Even if they oblige to go shopping with you.



Men don’t always take selfies. But when they do, it means they’re absolutely very, very bored.

Don’t mind me. I’ll just chill out in here to ease my boredom away.

When boredom strikes, you can’t help but doze off.

If you’re a man and if you have trouble falling asleep, shopping is definitely the best cure for your problem.

Be mindful of your boyfriend when you go shopping together. They get lost easily.

When you have no other choice but to endure the frustration and boredom of shopping.

For some men, shopping is a new form of punishment.

Sorry girl but this is as far as he goes.