Artist Doodles On Starbucks Sleeves Turning Them Into Well-Known Characters


Unless you've been living under a rock, or in some sort of Amish enclave, your entire life, you probably know what the (mer)lady on the Starbucks logo looks like. One amateur artist has decided to take Starbucks coffee cup sleeves and transform the logo lady into various pop-culture icons and post them up on Instagram. Although, in actual fact, the Starbucks lady is a bit of a pop-culture icon in her own right. Either way, the results are awesome and a great way to put all those sleeves to good use. If you want to see more of these creations, plus a peppering on puns and funny comments, check out the Sleevebucks Instagram account. 

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Did you get who all of these were meant to be? We might try creating some characters of our own next time we head to Starbucks! 

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