27 Products And Ideas Every Parent Needs


No matter how much you adore your little bundle of joy, bringing a new baby into your life can be a challenge, especially for first-time parents. Therefore, if there's any way to make the transition into parenthood easier, you should grab it with both hands and give it a big ol' hug. These inventions are clever and will save you some precious time and effort. Many of them are available to buy right here on Awesome Inventions.


This baby swaddle blanket looks so cozy!


Find it here: Baby Swaddle Blanket


Mums-to-be might like this smartphone ultrasound device.



This timeout stool is useful and cute.

Apartment Therapy


This baby bottle holder is designed to be easier for babies and toddlers to hold.tactile-bottle

Find it here: Baby Bottle Holder


This stroller storage bag will help you keep your belongings in an easy to reach place.

Find it here: Stroller Storage Bag


These squeezable food pouches are great for serving baby food, fruit purees or even yogurt.

The Sili Company

Find it here: Squeezable Food Pouches


No more crying over dropped pacifiers, as this one closes as it falls.


Find it here: Self-Closing Pacifier


This leash will stop sippy cups from hitting the decks.



A shower head for the shorter folks in your life.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

Find it here: Children's Shower Head


This bathtime kneeling mat saves your knees from getting sore during bathtime.

Lillian Vernon

Find it here: Bathtime Kneeling Mat


You won't have to struggle to take baby's temperature with this thermometer pacifier.pacifier-thermometer

Find it here: Thermometer Pacifier


This tag helps breast-feeding moms keep track of which side they've been nursing from.



This pacifier helps with teething pain.molar-muncher

Find it here: Teething Pacifier



Let your little one feel like she's in charge with this remote control that can be programmed to remember seven kid-friendly channels.kid-remote-control

Find it here: Children's Remote Control


Turn your iPhone into a baby monitor.iphone-baby-monitor

Find it here: Smart Baby Monitor


Stay warm with this hoodie baby carrier.hoodie-baby-carrier

Find it here: Hoodie Baby Carrier Cover


This growth chart is gorgeous, and won't ever have to be painted over.

Bump Smitten


Safely sleep close to your baby with this co-sleeper.


Find it here: Attachable Baby Cot


Keep your little one snug in her car seat.



This bottle sling can be a lifesaver if you're pressed for time, or if you have twins or triplets (or more!).bottle-sling

Find it here: Baby Bottle Sling


This cute device turns your sink into a baby bath.

Blooming Bath

Find it here: Blooming Flower Baby Bath


This stroller bike has two useful modes.



Those feeding formula will find this dispenser a life-saver.

Baby Nes


This sippy cup gets medicine down your toddler without any tears or tantrums.baby-medicine-dispenser

Find it here: Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup


This bathwater barrier is a great alternative to bulky baby baths.


Find it here: Bathwater Barrier


This baby airplane seat is invaluable on a plane trip.airline-baby-seat

Find it here: Baby Airplane Seat


This car seat tray can be used for snacks or activities on a long car ride.

One Step Ahead

Find it here: Car Seat Tray