Food Dispensers

These wall mounted food dispensers eliminate any mess and make it easy for you to keep a watchful eye on how much cereal is being eaten! Great for those kitchens with very limited space.

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  1. Teresa Mills

    Love it

  2. Jennifer Wisbeck

    Must get

  3. Steven Halkiw

    Hay Sarah Halkiw Caddle these are pretty cool.

  4. April-Rose Ross

    I love this! so want this for my kitchen.

  5. Vicky Webster

    I want it lol xx.

  6. Shiloh Kurazakii


  7. Jc Calhoun

    i wonder how many people detach these and sit on the couch with them lol

  8. Shiloh Kurazakii

    What!? nooo! lol whats the point in getting it
    then XD

  9. Joanne Roberts

    not available to buy though on your website, unlike what it says on your facebook page.

  10. Nikki Louise Fenton

    Click on more info and takes you to the page to buy them (Amazon)

  11. Sara Balmbra

    I love how they mount to the wall but I wouldn't buy it for £23.99 unless you got all three dispensers. And even then I'd want a guarantee that it's air-tight to keep my foods fresh.

  12. Jue Jue Drops Wareham

    can that be used for loose tea and sugar.

  13. Rachel Hunt

    These are also on the list!

  14. Ross Hildick

    I want it for my roof

  15. Angela Culley

    These are so awesome

  16. Angela Culley

    I did not comment on this! Wtf??

  17. Ashley Barnett

    these are neat

  18. Mariam Mutwalli

    Cool website

  19. Alexandre Chiodini

    that's cool

  20. Grace Heavens

    Angela Culley wat do u mean?

  21. Nick Boomkens

    Ross Hildick Roof?

  22. Chloe Bazelya

    That's sick pal

  23. Chloe Bazelya

    That's sick pal

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