13 Images Of Single People Totally Winning At Christmas


Christmas can be a strange time for singletons. Couples everywhere are being sickeningly sweet and sending out cards with their smiling, happy faces on. You know what though? Being single is awesome! You can do what you like, when you like with whoever you like. You don't have that awful pressure to turn up to see the in-laws on the big day, and you need to buy far less presents too. These 13 images show that plenty of people obviously think the same as they are all single and having a ball by the looks of things! Take a look!


This shirt.


This girl just loves 'Jim… Beam'!


An alternative Nativity scene!


These awesomely festive-looking lumberjacks.




This is awesome!



This Christmas family photo is inspirational!


This waste water treatment facility worker's mom and dad wanted a photo of him for their Christmas cards. He duly obliged!


This guy…


…wins twice!


What a beautiful Christmas card photo this would make!




And finally, we're not sure if she's drowning her sorrows or having the time of her life!

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