Step Your Game Up This Year And Splash Out On A Pickle Bouquet For Your Loved One

Valentine’s Day is literally a few days away. And you know for sure that it’s going to be a big dill if you don’t get anything for your partner. See what we did there? So, if you have a pickle-loving partner, why not consider getting him or her a pickle bouquet for a change? After all, there are no written rules stating that V-Day gifts should be limited to anything red or sweet. So, go for something green and sour instead!

Edible bouquets are becoming a popular gift choice these days, and it’s easy to see why. For one, they’re practical. But more importantly, they fill the heart and the stomach too! That’s like hitting two birds with one stone if you’re going to ask us. Plus, who could ever resist a gift that’s loaded with one’s favorite snack?

Grillo's Pickle Bouquet
Grillo’s Pickles


Basically, all you’ll need are a variety of Grillo’s Pickle Spears, some wooden skewers, and the pickle container for the vase. Simply mount the pickles onto the skewers until you’ve formed a sizeable bundle. Afterward, arrange them in varying heights and place them into your vase. Floral foams could also come in handy in making your pickle skewers stand.


At this point, you’re technically done with your DIY bouquet. However, it might not be as gorgeous or as presentable as Grillo’s Prickle’s creation yet. Well, as with any other edible stuff, garnishing plays an important role. So, feel free to add in some fresh dills, cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes, or even some artificial greeneries. Adding some cold cuts or deli meats formed into roses might do the trick as well! Lastly, cover the vase with a nice cellophane bag and tie it with a ribbon.


Voilà! Your handmade pickle bouquet is now ready for delivery. Grab a can or a dozen of this pickle juice too to complete your dill-lightful V-Day celebration.

Unfortunately, these one-of-a-kind bouquets are not available for sale. So, you have no choice but to make it on your own. Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day anyway, so put in a little more effort, won’t you? Besides, chances are you already have everything you will need. But if not, rest assured that they’re all available in your local grocery stores. So, without further ado, here are the steps to making your own pickle bouquet, courtesy of Grillo’s Pickles.