Bride Did Her Own Wedding Photography And The Results Are Something Special


We've all seen those kinds of cheesy wedding photos where the bride and groom gaze into each other's eyes in a vomit inducing manner. But, Liisa Luts wanted something different for when she and her now-husband got married. You see, the couple themselves run a small photography and videography company, and they wanted to have wedding photos that were more their style, not over posed or processed. So, they both agreed that Liisa would take their wedding photos herself, to get something unique, intimate and very different from your average wedding photographs. The idea might sound a bit crazy, especially when many brides search high and low, and pay thousands of dollars, for the right wedding photographer. However, we think the resulting photos are gorgeous. Certainly not for everyone, and we do understand why people want highly polished wedding photos, but these photos came out low key and intimate and will be lovely mementos of their special day.
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