Wine Picnic Stakes

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Avoid spillages and waste during relaxing picnics or outdoor concerts with these wine picnic stakes! Designed to hold 2 wine glasses and a bottle keeping them all safe off the ground.

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  1. Meribeth Hughes

    I love this!

  2. Linda Skalmusky Mavrinac

    I like this one

  3. Heather Macfarlane Tasoren

    Sitting in the botanical gardens and listening to the classical music – these would be perfect!!

  4. Kelly Kearney

    for all my wine loving friends, plan ahead

  5. Brittni-Shannon Williams

    love this

  6. Polly Ward


  7. Sally-Anne Johnson

    Kerry Marsden and co… u will be needing this!

  8. Sina Vogt


  9. Sina Vogt


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