Water Resistant Dumbbells


Water dumbbells provide buoyant support & stabilization on top of the water & resistance underwater. Combined with a flotation belt for helping with assistance.

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  1. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  2. Linda Fillis

    that be good for bingo wings lol.

    • Josh Fry

      Don't you mean triceps? Isolating a muscle group doesn't burn fat in that area. Fat-burn does.

  3. Archie L. Smith Jr.

    Rose smith we need these in our life!

    • Archie L. Smith Jr.

      Rose Smith

    • Archie L. Smith Jr.

      Rose Smith

  4. Leah Mcmurtrie Looker

    Something for you sprite saunders

  5. Ashley Norman


  6. LaShelle N David Hammett

    These are ok for beginners… but they are just what they say they are RESISTANTS, not WEIGHTS… It's like having a couple pcs of foam attached to your hands…

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