Wall Mounted Fish Bowl

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Add some awesome decor to your home with this wall mounted fish bowl! Looks great in any room and is easy to maintain. Also available with an LED outline around the bowl making it even more cool!

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  1. Millie Rivera Morales

    wow nice!

  2. Sheena Wierzbicka

    I want one for my birthday 🙂

  3. Amanda George

    I'm ordering 2.

  4. Jodie Mcintosh

    This is unkind on the fish. No filter or heater ???

  5. Hayden Waters

    Fighting fish dont need a heater or filter ?

  6. Harper Henson-Cazares

    beta don't require either , I have had them in glass wall sconces!

  7. Dinu Tuladhar

    wow just amazing… where n how can we get it.

  8. Kat Copedo

    Also this bowl is way to small for this type of fish. Lol

  9. Spencer Sani

    Beta's don't need filters and it's in a house so i would hope it doesn't need a heater because room temperature is generally warm enough.

  10. Karisa Keith

    Spencer Sani Yeah, true, but betas need a tank that's at least 3 gal. to be kept happy and healthy.

  11. Emma Campbell

    Fighters dont need alotta room

  12. Suzanne MacMillan

    I owned betas before, they do not need that much space.

  13. Suzanne MacMillan

    yes. they don't need one.

  14. Carmen Torres

    Kien me la kiera regalar

  15. Suzanne MacMillan

    There is a window/door there. Next time, look at an image carefully. This fish is obviously a beta fish, they do not need other fishes, they're fighters and may kill or battle the fish they see. See the top? You can feed the fish. They do not need filters or heaters. You must be a special kind of stupid.

  16. Moonie Falcone

    this is groovy.

  17. Reign Hayes

    My beta is 3 yrs old and has never had any fancy gadgets like that (heater or filter)

  18. Samantha Misskitty Snape

    betas do need heat, in uk very much and they don't kill other fish just other male fighters, in fact they get lonely when on threre own

  19. Samantha Misskitty Snape

    a dog could survive in a small cage so could i, even in the cold, doesn't mean is happy or healthy

  20. AJ Etchells

    Suzanne MacMillan they do need a heater depending on what type of climate you live in, like i live in birmingham england, it's generally miserable and between 0-12 degrees centigrade most of the time, cannot afford to put the heating on unless weather is extreme and the house i live in is always cold, it always feels about 5dc colder inside than it does outside, no matter what the weather, yes it is a siamese fighting fish which means it is a fighter but only with other male siamese fighting fish, i had it in a tank full of small and large fish and all were pleasant to each other, and a filter is good to keep the fish alive for longer unless you have an algae eater in the tank to and treat the water….. so don't mock others on something you know clearly very little about

  21. Leah Christine Oseles

    Suzanne MacMillan We have this and our beta is perfectly happy!

  22. Jade Hubbell

    If you concider getting this this is specifically for betta fish

  23. Emila Kromplewska

    i NEED ONE

  24. Ashley Gomez

    Karisa Keith I've only ever seen them in very small containers

  25. Kimberlee Deener

    how would you clean it ? do you just take it off the wall everytime

  26. Kimberlee Deener

    how would you clean it ? do you just take it off the wall everytime

  27. Nini Matth

    How are you supposed to feed it?

  28. Barbara Maples Bieker

    Suzanne MacMillan No need to be mean.

  29. Teague Elizabeth Gooden

    there is a opening at the top of the bowl.

  30. Lily Paige Fraley

    Suzanne MacMillan They actually need quite a bit of space at least a 3 to 5 gallon as their fins get long and they get bigger alot of betta tanks these days are way too small for the poor fish

  31. Suzanne MacMillan

    Barbara Maples Bieker sorry i get one of of those days where I act like a smartass, it's a bad habit of mine.

  32. Katie Franklin

    I have this!!! it is great really awesome and looks really cool

  33. Katie Franklin

    Lily Paige Fraley no they don't

  34. Kayte Evenson

    Katie Franklin Here you are 3-5 gallons and yes, they need a heater.

  35. Kayte Evenson

    Suzanne MacMillan Why so angry? Here you go, why not do some research? 🙂

  36. Hayden Waters

    Sorry I was just saying that you don't need one for the person below think Jodie was saying its unfair to the fish coz no filter I new they don't need filter and wot not

  37. Kayte Evenson

    Hayden Waters Except they do.

  38. James Thame

    Probably be big enough for White Cloud mountain Minnows, but they need a filter.

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