Never Kill Another Plant Again With This Smart Pot

Watering your plants by hand is so 2014. Now that we're in a new year it's time to switch over to watering your plants by robot. We're not talking about a robot house helper who will walk around and water your plants for you (although, that would be cool). In this instance the plant pot is the robot! The Parrot Pot is a new invention that could revolutionize the way people take care of their plants. So if you've always been the sort of person who ends up with dead ones, fear not, because the Parrot Pot will now do all the hard work for you.



The pot itself can hold about 2 liters of soil, as well as 2 liters of water in a reservoir just outside the soil. The pot has sensors which measure the soil moisture, the fertilizer levels, the light levels and the ambient temperature. It takes measurements every 15 minutes and based on the result, can figure out whether the plant needs watering and, if so, how much. 



The pot is designed to be used with the H2O app for smartphones or tablets. The pot then feeds the data it collects to the app, which has a database of over 8,000 plants. Therefore you can choose to monitor your plant or take over watering duties.




In its autonomous mode, the pot contains enough water to keep your plants hydrated for around 30 days, so it's ideal if you work away or holiday frequently. If you're away for longer periods of time, it will go into conservation mode, feeding your plants just enough water to stay alive. 



For more details on the Parrot Pot and how it works, check out this informative video.