VW Camper Tent

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Camp out in style with this VW camper tent! Once pitched, its the exact same size as the original 1965 camper van. It’s great to use at festivals as you’ll be able to spot your tent from a mile off! Sleeps up to 4 people.



  1. Connie Jean Hulslander Johnston


  2. Connie Jean Hulslander Johnston


  3. Nathan van Helden

    Dees wil ik!!!

  4. Daniel C. Martin

    I DO NEED this!!!

  5. Carolin Kaduk

    Nathalie Jae

  6. James Pacovsky

    too expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Brackers Howarth

    Pukka !

  8. Hamed Al-Rushaid

    I want it but too expensive come on

  9. Andrea Korkut

    I want it but it is too expensive really doesn't need to be soo much !!!!!!

  10. Ginger Johnson

    Stella funmobile.

  11. Tina Fleck

    I would love to own this!!!

  12. Tooter Wing

    OH me too — how cool !

  13. Dawn Calverley

    sorry do i no ya

  14. Dawn Calverley

    sorry do i no ya

  15. Jose Uribe

    Looks hella cool but too expensive

  16. Lola Shocker

    for that price…no way!

  17. Chris Huntley

    a basic 4 person tent is less than $100 why the f&$# should this cost 5xs more??? is it bullet proof?

  18. Wacky Jackie

    I need this! Too expensive though!

  19. Harry Willis

    I want this but its way to much money

  20. Lewis Ferguson

    How much

  21. Lewis Ferguson

    How much

  22. Sandy Saward

    I would love this but the price is way over the top .. I might pay that for two ??

  23. Efraimna Pricillia

    i want this,, but too expensive

  24. Gemma Haycock

    My daughter is in love with camper vans, reminds her of nana r.i.p. mum x would love to buy this for her 16th birthday present, but way too expensive, any one know of cheaper one elsewhere , thank you x

  25. App Pop Shmere

    This was gonna be my next house if it wasnt so darn expensive

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