Tug Preventing Dog Trainer

This all-in-one trainer is used for anti-leash pulling training and as a remote control basic trainer to stop problem behaviors. Using an ultrasonic signal that's inaudible to the human ear, the Premium Trainer redirects dogs simply and without harm. This Innovative patent pending device is also great for agility training and dog school training. Includes two leash adapters and is packaged for retail. Requires a 9 volt battery.

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  1. Carol Knowles

    Kerry Knowles look at the name!

  2. John Michael Agudera Leoncion

    Because you just don't know how to tug a lil and say a command your damn self. Ha! For the non-dog person dog owner…

    • Erica Rijs

      u should think about wat u type before u type it.. i am a huge dog person, currently studying them for a career and i have not been able to train my 14 month old dog to stop pulling while walking! the only thing that will result from '"tugging" back on the lead is choking the poor dog and crushing their larynx causing future health issues!

    • Jeremy Hollen

      1. dont use collars, use a harness
      2. when dog pulls tug back say no bad dog, and then pinch firmly at the back of his neck, it wont hurt him, and its a natrual show of dominance

    • Stacy Collins

      Erica, only use collars that are comfortable. If the collar slips off, use a martingale collar. (only ones I use)
      Stop walking when the dog pulls. Stand there for awhile. Only walk when the leash is loose. Never walk with a tight leash. Be patient, firm and kind. It takes time but it's worth it. There are really no tricks or devices that work instead of proper training.

    • Stacy Collins

      Use walking as the reward. That freedom is something to be earned, not given. :]
      When they learn that pulling doesnt give them anything they will stop.

    • Cora Smith

      I am not a dog person but even I trained my dog. Tell your dog no enough they get the point that they shouldn't be doing what they are doing and indeed on the Harness they are purposefully made for training purposes and comfort. If you are studying dogs, Erica, you may want to study how a dog trainer trains dogs to walk "how they should".

    • Joshua Balcombe

      Bitch you are fucking high.

    • Grace Oldham

      yes because using harness definitely stops pulling? It just gives them more area in which to pull you along! you don't see husky's pulling sleds on collars do you??? its ridiculous the amount of people that come into where I work looking for a harness to stop their dog from pulling!

    • Cynthia Gates

      People are so eager to show their ignorance. Ignore him.

    • Erica Rijs

      Cora Smith I have started using a harness as to stop the collar from choking my dog i also have found a way that she wont pull, she doesnt like walking too close to ppl's feet as she is only small and gets stepped on easily so i walk with her in between myself and my partner and she doesnt pull. as for the dog training, i am enrolling into a dog training course to properly learn training techniques and dog psychology. i have tried the stopping technique many times with my dog but she has a short attention span being part poodle and so it has had no affect. for the time being it doesnt bother me that my dog pulls as she is so small there is basically no pressure or strain on my behalf and she has a good harness now that goes across her chest instead of her neck now so not to cause injury

    • Patricia Ashley

      @Stacy Collins I really wish more people would try your method and stick with it. It took a while with my anxietic doberman to stop pulling and get her attention on me, but the main thing I needed was patience! It also helped to switch up the pace so she HAD to pay attention to me or else she wouldn't know when to stop or go or how fast. I did a lot of running a few paces, STOP, run a few paces, STOP, in a parking lot with few distractions before I could trust her on walks more to not drag me every where. She caught on quickly though. It just takes a lot of dedication. Positive reinforcement training is the way to go. =D

    • Rich Kaelin

      You are a fool. I have had a dozen dogs. Some methods don't work on some dogs. I have one right now that I cannot break of tugging, so walking her is a pain. I would give this a shot.

  3. Amanda Holleufer-Taylor

    Jacquie Holleufer

  4. AlexandCameron Jarrett

    Wish they had these for kids too….

    • Barry Simmons

      you walk your child on a lead? lol

    • Cora Smith

      People who do should be put on a lead themselves, CHILDREN ARE NOT ANIMALS!

    • Rob Schaefer

      Oh sure they are! Ever been to Wal-Mart?

  5. Carly Jackson

    Samatha a

  6. Rachel Timmer

    Wonder if this would work for dodge

  7. Gina Donegan

    My dog dose have a harness and I've tried it ALL and nothing works.

  8. Yokonzo J. Cekki

    Well how often do you walk them? If you do this daily and just make sure not to walk when the leash is taught then after a while they'll learn, but not if you take them out just every week or two, also if you have family members who also walk the dog make sure they follow the same rules or else he/she will never get trained

  9. Courtney Collett

    Rob Schaefer i am a teenage and i agree xx

  10. Abbey Jenkins

    Cora Smith Actually, all humans are animals.

  11. Abbey Jenkins

    Erica Rijs , if you are studying to train your dog ….. and you can't handle it properly on a leash… perhaps you need a different profession….

  12. Abbey Jenkins

    Most of the people commenting on this don't even know what classical conditioning means. Shit like this is a gimmick for people to waste their money on. Fall for it if you like.

  13. Evy Mclaughlin

    Cora Smith ….children are animals; as are all humans *sigh*

  14. Christopher Buck

    Yokonzo J. Cekki Yeah you gotta run that dog for miles everyday get their ass tired and I PROMISE they will stop pulling

  15. Veronica Jefferies

    I have severe back issues & cant afford to pay someone to train them so for all the people talking crap maybe u should think of the ones not as fortunate as u & maybe think before opening ur trap!!

  16. Silvia Garcia

    Suzy, mom you guys need this

  17. Silvia Garcia

    Suzy Gutierrez

  18. Jarrod MF Mitchell

    Are you a guy or a girl? I cant even tell lmao!!

  19. Kitsap River

    Walter K Higgs What's your suggestion for a disabled dog lover?

  20. Kitsap River

    Walter K Higgs What's your suggestion for a disabled dog lover?

  21. Vannah Ravara

    Karen Rivera Gomez

  22. Petra Nadal


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