Tentacle Doorstop

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Keep your doors open while freaking out your house guests with these tentacle doorstops that look like a sea monster is creeping in from under the door. Perfect for any type of flooring and created by hand, each doorstop is unique in shape and colour.

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  1. Susannah Fellows

    Now THIS is cool!

  2. Kim Smith

    this would freak me out.

  3. Xiola Gray

    I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

    • Chastity Marie Embick

      You watch hentai? lol

  4. Heather Effie Dale-Ball

    love it, that's excellent.

    • Heather Effie Dale-Ball

      Lauren Bethany Armstrong

  5. Sophie Beattie

    Chastity Marie Embick no it's a joke xD

  6. Firebolt Phoenix

    The Kraken!!!!

  7. Chastity Marie Embick

    Hentai much?

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