Strongman Tissue Holder

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Sling out that pathetic old toilet paper holder and get yourself a pumped up strong man that can hold two rolls of tissue paper at the same time! Available in black and red, this strong man tissue paper holder is an awesome gift idea for body builders.



  1. Sheila Joel-Ruiz

    Jason Leroy Lewis.

  2. Jessica Buchanan Houston

    Robin, Don't you think Chris needs one of these?

  3. Julie Belshaw

    Just what you need Noel!

  4. Deborah Collins Moore Rose


  5. Wezli Turnipseed

    Robert Mitchal Rowe and Justin Brewster!

  6. Jennifer Taylor


  7. Sarah Milne

    Funny lol

  8. Virginia Adamiak

    Someone I know should get a laugh out of this!

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