Characters In Classic Paintings Replaced With Playmobil Figures


If you heard that an artist was re-imagining classic paintings and replacing all the characters with Playmobil figures, you might assume that this was a funny or half-hearted project. However, Pierre-Adrien Sollier takes both the execution of his art and the message behind it very seriously. The talent that went into creating these paintings is incredible. If it weren't for the Playmobil characters, you would be forgiven for mistaking them for the original pieces they're recreating. But why Playmobil figures? Sollier has this to say about his work…

"At the very beginning, I used the Playmobil toys to create my compositions before starting drawing to get an idea in a small scale of the lights and the proportions of my characters (like the old masters used to do with small clay figurines). I found this little character with Emoji face very universal and interesting. I used their peculiar ranges of motion and stiff expressions to create the ironic and sometimes cynical tone I try to use to confront our behavior, our excesses, our habits, and our very way of life. I’m using this Mister “no body” as an avatar of the human species to tell the story of our era in an offbeat and characterized manner."

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We think Sollier shows an insane amount of talent as an artist, and the Playmobil figures are definitely an interesting way to do a modern take on these iconic paintings.

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