Self Stirring Mug

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Too lazy to stir your morning coffee? Then this self stirring mug will suit you down to the ground! Simply press down the button on the handle for instant stirring action! Awesome!



  1. Miles Strand


    • Ratahi Walker-Paniora

      Does it Work???

    • Miles Strand

      I didn't get it yet!

    • Nick Taylor

      Did you receive it yet?

  2. James McConnon

    Fucking amazing 😀

  3. Tommie Mullins

    What about €UROs.

  4. Brian J. Fink

    Now here's a convenient gadget, lol!

  5. Johny Depp

    How do you order it?

  6. Johny Depp

    how did u order it?

  7. Brandon Ormerod

    First you have to have a Jar Of Dirt which I assume you have. Then you press the more info button which takes you to a website. Once on click payment and it should have a selection box for method of payment. Then proceed to press 'Jar Of Dirt' as your payment method. Savvy?

  8. Eddy EcHo Hernandez

    Miles Strand did you get it now?

  9. Craig Samson Ford II

    That's more like it!

  10. Nick Norris

    Sweet. How easy to clean though?

  11. Tanya Kozak

    I kind of already have a gadget mug that's battery operated. I find that those IKEA milk frothers work really well, too. Less than five bucks and it is great for mixing up matcha, cocoa (before you fill the mug with hot water), and cold drink mixes too.

  12. Alexandria Bowling

    Alexandria Jungling

  13. Jenski Slommers

    Johny Depp Click on more info and it brings you to an Amazon listing of it…. it's ten dollars right now with free shipping.

  14. Hannah Raine Mahiya

    People that lazy huh?

  15. Jason Montgomery

    sad and lazy and this is coming from a lazy person -.-

  16. Shihab Kazi

    Runs using batteries…. could've been very attractive.

  17. Jim Spradlin

    It would be perfect if it was microwave safe as well. I don't drink coffee fast enough to finish a cup while it's warm. I end up reheating it 2 or 3 times. Neat Idea though, and the reviews on Amazon are good too.

  18. Micki Sweet-Pea Vanover

    my mom needs this.

  19. Cynthia Partin

    Love it…

  20. William Bernhardy

    It looks like a swirling toilet

  21. Racheal Shatswell

    I liked that mug but now you ruined it with your imagery

  22. Mary Anne Diaz

    how to avail?

  23. Leia Edmonds

    u buy them on amazon

  24. Tammy Amber McKay


  25. Tammy Ellaree White

    Sabrina Mc Clure check this out! Lol!

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