Secret Stash Container Bolt

Go old school with this secret stash container bolt also known as a spy bolt! Store small valuables inside, use it on a table or chair and no one will ever know the difference!



  1. Stan Man

    wish I had the diamonds.

  2. Jade Martin

    I thought that was crack xD.

  3. Tucker Loth

    I thought drugs were coming out of it

  4. Erin Proctor Nelsestuen

    David Peaslee

  5. Elizabeth McCracken

    I was wondering how I could safely hide all of my diamonds…..

    • Elizabeth McCracken

      I may need to buy TWO of these for ALL of my diamonds. LOL

    • Dayton C. Long

      don't comment this someone will rob you

    • Anne-Marie Turcotte

      She was joking -.-

  6. Tia Tokkesdal

    Elizabeth, so where abouts are u from?

  7. Ellen Anderson

    Store ALL your drugs!

  8. Chris M Stanwood

    ahaha mhhhh ;].

  9. Rory Macmillan

    Be better if it was actuallu big enough to stash something in

  10. Brian Palmer

    Never got any drug's left to bloody stash……….

  11. Andrew Huovinen

    but why then would you have that big of a bolt?

  12. Anabela Delgado

    That's for Geocaching man!

  13. Bill Bufford

    "Is it safe? "Is it Safe?" Is it Safe?" Anybody get it? 😉

  14. Moose Dunaway

    Great movie, Larry O' eating diamonds

  15. Adam Richardson

    Dayton C. Long You're very wise for a young man.

  16. Lakreshia Hart

    this is definitely not for diamonds, in the meantime cops are letting people go free because all they are finding are loose screws.

  17. Melissa Nieves


  18. Larry Duval

    How are you? I am fine.
    Will you send me a request catalog?
    My address here is:
    Miss Rose Mary Hebert
    P.O. Box 1529
    Plattsburgh, NY 12901
    Then I will order it.
    [email protected]
    I want read and look for pictures a request catalog book.
    What kind I like a something's and anything & etc..
    Any Questions?
    Thank-You, Rose Hebert

  19. Carlina Claosaurus

    yea it works great! ;P

  20. Reno Vesco III

    Ill be there tonight >:D

  21. Reno Vesco III

    Ill be there tonight >:D

  22. Reno Vesco III


  23. Reno Vesco III


  24. DeCp Himura Sama

    Anne-Marie Turcotte Note the sarcasm!
    Well..At least that's what I think

  25. Mona A. Hiyari

    Vis Vires 😉

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