Remote Drinks Cooler

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No need to get off your backside to get a drink when with a push of a button this remote controlled drinks cooler will come calling every time with cold beverages!

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  1. Sherry Harris Baker

    Every lazy person's dream….

  2. Stacy Schmidt

    We so need this at your places Toni Christopher and Michelle Lejman.

  3. Robin Nicole Nunamaker

    tanner you need this!

  4. Stasha Prins


  5. Fabby Garner


  6. Nicole Harrison

    Nick we need one of these 🙂

  7. Frank Nethercutt

    that's what girlfriends are for!

  8. Ricky Wilson

    now what if it fell in the pool.

  9. Holly Branch

    Does it refill itself?

    • John M. Maldonado

      depends on how drunk you are!

  10. Red Minden My-own

    Cool a.f

  11. Chris Russell

    it would be awesome if it could float in the water and come to you.

  12. Scott Parsons

    next a TV remote that finds you!

  13. Jen Heath

    does it come with a remote controlled wench to fill it up for you?

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