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Remote Control Drink Float


With this remote control drink float you'll never have to jump off your inflatable lounger for refreshments again! With a few flicks of the remote, your drink will be at your finger tips in no time!


  1. Heather Dean

    Want this!

  2. Jamie Groover-Lovewell

    Dawn Bickel Fischer like this tooooooo.

  3. Andy Feerick

    party piece

  4. Tracy Jewell

    Amanda Jones This one! Ola!

  5. Tracy Jewell

    Amanda Jones This one! Ola!

    • Amanda Jones

      This is more like it! 😀

    • Amanda Jones

      This is more like it! 😀

  6. Kelly Williams Ne Gamble

    Got to get one of these!

  7. Brandon Charlie Mutton

    Convert to pounds and ill buy it

    • Leetss Gray

      £97.23p , only needs a google!

  8. Björn Edlund

    hmm wondering if the remote is waterproof ;P.

  9. Amber Gonzales

    Tamara Gatlin This would be cool for the pool haha.

  10. Heather C. French

    Lol. I saw this and thought of my fav cousin!!!!

  11. Jon Michael Lunger

    sucks if some one jumps in the pool 😀

  12. Aaron Blundell

    Even better lol

  13. Petra Nadal

    If I had a pool……

  14. Ashley Ashie McLean

    Lucy McCollum you need

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