Privacy Bed Tent

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Camping just got a lot more comfortable! Designed for fast set up and take down, It also has the ability to be fully open and closed in seconds, It’s a clear choice for any hardcore camper! Available in a variety of different sizes.


  1. Cassandra Ann Wink

    yeah I soo would go camping with this more often and sleep outside instead of in the camper.

    • Tyler Lagassie

      shut up its just an idea don't comment if ur going to be a jerk about it

    • Cassandra Ann Wink

      …..not sure what i was being a jerk about but ok lol just saying i would go camping more often is being a jerk about it….u have got the wrong status thats for sure

  2. Sarah Hall

    This is awesome too!

  3. Krysta Marti

    This would be awesome for my dorm bed!

  4. Shye Birch

    as my 4 yr old would say you could go to sleep naked in this bed… REALLY where do they come up with these things.

  5. Dianna Cardinal

    I really like this bed. great place for when my little man stats to come over again.

  6. Jessy Laloka

    I need this! I need a bed period! lol

    • Ryan Schoonover

      me too

  7. Neil Pace

    looks cool except for the stupid frame, and don't try taking it anywhere windy looks like a kite.

  8. Dan Jones

    From the website where it's being sold: The innovative tent that fits around a bed and provides privacy in shared rooms. Create a private space to sleep and relax in with the Privacy Pop Tent. This pop up tent is a versatile choice that can be easily added and stored away.

    Not for camping. It's just the tent part, not the bed part. You put it over a bed in your dorm, or room at a hostel, or something like that. You don't take it into the woods with you.

    • Sue Macdonald

      do you sell to canadians…love this idea the privacy tent…

  9. Chelsea Corino

    Reasonanly priced actually …. id definately buy my daughter this for when she bevomes that sooky teenager

  10. Theresa Eileen Thompson.gann

    it doesn't come with the bed,,, it is a tent to fit over your twin bed…………

  11. Alan Tadge Major

    now this is glamping.

    • Len Thelothario

      Alan you need to get out more

  12. Trish Blitzer Thomas

    I want this!

  13. Trish Blitzer Thomas

    I want this!

  14. Dawn Mae Debenham

    I also need this to have this. It would be amazing!

  15. Linda Fillis

    aw no good u need a bed 🙁

  16. Linda Fillis

    aw no good u need a bed 🙁

  17. Holly Aitken

    Without the bed frame it is pretty pointless but a awesome idea x

    • Kimberly Morse Bertoia

      It isn't pointless if you have two or more teens that share a bedroom. Maybe they'd like a little privacy to scratch their tush or something. Just saying. 🙂

    • Ber Nard

      "or something"

  18. Bryce McKain

    You can get it on amazon for 5 dollars less.

  19. Dizz O’Bey

    Why on earth does it state it will make camping more comftorable if it isn't even intended for outdoors?

  20. Dizz O’Bey

    Why on earth does it state it will make camping more comftorable if it isn't even intended for outdoors?

  21. Natasha Haspert

    This is cool. As a kid I always made tents and what not on my bed. It made me feel safe and cozy. I don't care that I'm almost 24 years old. I would use this. 😉

  22. Jake Robertson

    Not the full bed and Tent it is not ^^ '' clear choice for any hardcore camer!'' Not without the bed.

  23. Jake Robertson

    Not the full bed and Tent it is not ^^ '' clear choice for any hardcore camer!'' Not without the bed.

  24. MissKasima Washington

    Siblings that have to share a room would adore these! I love it!

  25. Elizabeth Brewer

    Love this

  26. Michelle Sanders


  27. Quandatosoft D Oglesby

    Now I can sleep alone when I am mad.

  28. Edny Aguilar

    My kids would love this …

    • Beth Santisteban

      Isn't that the tent you guys camp in at the river??? Lol

  29. Edny Aguilar

    It looks like it lol

  30. Bob Noone

    Are there different colors?

  31. Michael Borgen Andresen

    Helle borgen andresen

  32. Natalie Nicole M

    Fuck yeah

  33. Dee Iacono

    Can you bring this camping as a real tent?

    • Alana Nicole Ferrari

      It would make sense that it would.

  34. Elyse Liptak

    I don't think you can say "camping got more comfortable" really, UNLESS YOU WOULD KINDLY SELL A FRAME of sorts for it! Otherwise it appears to be more accurate to say, "Privacy on your twin bed just got a little better!"
    I would LOVE to buy this for CAMPING in even, if it only had some support & a FRAME like in the pic. Otherwise, NOT so much more "comfortable for camping," is it really? It's just more confining.

  35. Mel Fordham

    I bet having so many in one room the twins would like these.

  36. Lexi Anderson

    Some fapping is going to be going on in there O.o.

  37. Barry Ho

    You could just build one with pillows blankets and bedsheets… It would save you 120 sumthin dollars…. Just sayin

  38. Feisty Fijian

    If you could attach this some ow to that air bed that has a frame, it would kick as "camping" or I would use it outside in the garden. That's outdoors enough for me.

  39. Swartenbroekx Geert


  40. Adam Burch

    it does not have a base which is because it slides between you're box spring and matress

  41. Sheila Guenther Bremaud

    what I like about this is it would also keep you mosquito free, lol. It looks real comfortable and it seems portable enough to actually be feasible to use.

  42. Tony Guenther

    I have a concern… The walls on two of the sides would be completely flat….. How secure is this material and how heavy is the frame in correlation to how well it is harnessed to the tent…. A gusty night outside could be a very uncomfortable sleep indeed.

    There are no angles for the wind to swoop off of.

    Seems only practice for indoor scenarios given this majour design flaw. Wind is a natural factor to consider when making anything "tent"-ish….

    Nifty idea; not thought up by anyone with any real outdoor experience it seems, however.

  43. Don Guenther

    Comes in varied sizes? Clearly, the model (sex sells) would not be able to stretch out properly. I agree with Bones, not a good design for outdoors. Seems unnecessarily high.

  44. Sheila Guenther Bremaud

    frame is not included in the package… its just an air mattress with a cover, lol

  45. Sheila Guenther Bremaud

    frame is not included in the package… its just an air mattress with a cover, lol

  46. Steve ‘bigskin’ Skinner

    Amazing love it

  47. Emily Gomes

    Can I have sex in this without breaking it?

  48. Jo Smith

    If you want privacy, shut the door?

  49. Jo Smith

    If you want privacy, shut the door?

  50. Riley Havers

    Is it available in Australia

  51. Riley Havers

    Is it available in Australia

  52. Kai Jud

    I love this

  53. Nick Cain

    Cassandra Ann Wink Maybe he thought you were being sarcastic about it!

  54. Kirsty Turner

    How much is this

  55. Shelby Mary Emmett

    I want one but not for £129.99 no way!!

  56. Nana Love


  57. Nana Love


  58. Kirsty Turner

    Guessing it dosent come with the frame??

  59. Mimi Stettner

    Why can't u get this in the uk?

  60. Robyn Noah Jett

    my son has a King Single bed, so what size would I buy for his bed?

  61. Jim Dennis

    Even though I think this is a unique idea and GREAT for a kid's room INSIDE, I have a problem with whoever is selling it. Simply put …. "It's a clear choice for any hardcore camper!" …. a 'hardcore camper' doesn't bring a BED WITH THEM!!!!

  62. Jay Boshell

    No, it doesn't come with the bed frame of mattress , that's for display only of how it's used.

  63. Jay Boshell

    Although it says for hardcore camping, it's not made to used outside, it's not waterproofed.

  64. Jay Boshell

    The description is misleading, it implies, you can use this outside for camping, but it's made to fit a beds of varying sizes from twin beds to queen size indoors

  65. Jay Boshell

    Click the More Info button, which takes you yo page where they're selling it, they have them for multiple size beds, but I don't if they have one fir a king single bed though.

  66. Jay Boshell

    There's a twin xl size which is 39 inches wide and 80 inches long.

  67. Jay Boshell

    To Sue McDonald, you actually buy it from which has a Canadian website and it's available on there.

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