Fetch Ball Launcher

Sling shot designed to shoot a tennis ball over 200 ft,  its built to pick the balls up without using your hands, so no more touching slimy balls or throwing your shoulder out!

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  1. Freeda Green

    Ruby needs this! xx

  2. Freeda Green

    Ruby needs this! xx

    • Phil Higgins

      Buy it for her then

    • Phil Higgins

      Buy it for her then

  3. Cindy Evans Newton

    how do you buy? the more omfo, goes nowhwere?

  4. Joanne Bromley

    Maybe we should get one for the dogs to take to blackwood Alan Bromley Adam Bromley Racheal Bromley.

  5. Daniel Hennessy

    I don't think these can be shipped to Australia due to our arm bracing which is banned here. Otherwise I would buy one for sure.

  6. Sean Carson


  7. Maureen Schmidt-Loney

    This would be great for my sister's doggie!

  8. Robert Bailey Mmc

    Peter Bailey, might come in handy?

    • Peter Bailey

      go long , and mind your eyes!!!!!

  9. David Oquendo

    Isaiah would like this to play with pepper… Elizabeth Oquendo

  10. Yves Le Petit Laborde

    Très bien pour Tila

  11. Zackery Uluthrek

    I want to get this to shoot water balloons at the little shits who keep ding-dong-ditching at my house.

  12. Deborah Clarke

    Diana Rayment you need one of these.

  13. Ailsa Mcgibney

    would love one of these , stop my shoulder killing me throwing balls.

  14. Jeramie Gatchell

    Matt Ormond, you need one of these bad boys! =]

  15. Matt Quinn

    tennis racket or cricket bat or baseball bat all works but still have to touch a slime ball tennis racket you dont though

  16. Shaun Sirbaugh

    Candis Sirbaugh you need one for Rocko

  17. Candis Sirbaugh

    love it!

  18. Candis Sirbaugh

    love it!

  19. Robert Lovelace

    get a bag of frozen dog food with a rock at the bottom and use this to chum your fav fishing spot

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