Pet Water Bottle

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Chasing squirrels with your tongue hanging out is thirsty work! This handy pet water bottle will ensure you keep your pooch well hydrated when out on those long walks. Simply flip it open and squeeze water into the tray.

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  1. Nikos Bak

    You can buy the same at JUMBO for 2.99 euro

  2. Jennifer Wong

    I got mine for .99p at the R S P C A charity shop and it is new

  3. Jovountay Thomas

    you can get them from Dollar Tree for $1

  4. Meg Mitchell

    I got mine from pets at home for £1:99 theirs is £40 WTF

  5. Diane Kays

    I can go to town and buy one for £1 I swear they just randomly price these things

  6. Deborah Gee

    bambi needs this

  7. Mackenzie Miller

    My dog is named Bambi too

  8. Paula Jane Cunningham

    Don't pay £40, you can buy this for less than £5! Trading Standards will be interested in this.

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