Hilarious Hotel Fails That Left Tourists Amused And Confused

For many of us, going on holiday is a special treat that doesn’t occur too often. So, naturally you’re super exited to get away, stay in a lovely hotel, chill by the pool or at the beach and just relax. However, sometimes we aren’t always met with what we were expecting. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for your room to have looked different in comparison to the pictures that were advertised. And, that’s just the beginning! Here we have some hilarious hotel fails that left tourists amused and confused! Take a look! 

Hotel Fails

Some call this art, however, others would say it looks like hair…

Hotel Fails art that looks like hair

When your hotel knows how to set the mood… 

Hotel Fails boobs ceiling views

Imagine if you got given the seats at the back! 

Hotel Fails cinema with small tv

We can’t decide if this is cool or lazy?!

Hotel Fails closet bathroom shared door

Walking down these steps would not be fun, especially if you’ve had a few drinks! 

Hotel Fails confusing floor pattern

Because confusing tourists is just fun. 

Hotel Fails confusing hotel room directions

We hope this wasn’t sold as a room with a view! 

Hotel Fails curtain covering concrete wall

We can’t tell if this is a great joke or a huge insult…

Hotel Fails customer suggestion box shredder

This really made us chuckle! 

Hotel Fails do not take drugs and go whoring

Because who doesn’t need a decorative vent?

Hotel Fails fake vent in bathroom

What a great photo! 

Hotel Fails funny bathroom mirror

This went from exiting to disappointing fast… 

Hotel Fails gift box with 2 chocolates

Someone needs to have a word with housekeeping! 

Hotel Fails impaled toilet roll

Well, that’s an interesting username… 

Hotel Fails internet pass

Whilst we probably wouldn’t be too pleased if we were the ones personally faced with some of these things, they certainly have made us laugh! It’s great that many of the people involved managed to see the funny side of things. However, we’re willing to bet there were quite a few complaints that followed. Let’s just hope that their customer suggestions didn’t end up shredded! Keep going to see even more hilarious hotel fails, you won’t regret it! 

Hotel Fails Continued…

It appears someone made a mistake… 

Hotel Fails jet tub

We’re receiving mixed messages from this non-smoking ashtray… 

Hotel Fails non smoking ash tray

We had never seen a fancy towel design like this before! 

Hotel Fails penis shaped towel

The best or worst name for a hotel? You decide! 

Hotel Fails phuc dat hotel

Wow! We’ve never seen an elevator button like this before! 

Hotel Fails please push for after hours ass

You have to be really comfortable to share a room with someone when you’re provided with a toilet like this…

Hotel Fails see through bathroom doors

Sometimes we forget to appreciate our toilet rolls… 

Hotel Fails showcase for toilet roll

A seating area you can’t access, interesting! 

Hotel Fails sitting area no way to access it

Someone’s bound to go all Harry Potter on that wall! 

Hotel Fails staircase to no where

Well, that’s one way to make the most of the space you’ve got! 

Hotel Fails toilet in bedroom no walls

Well, this is inconvenient to say the least! 

Hotel Fails toilet roll holder far away

For some strange reason this toilet wasn’t working… 

Hotel Fails toilet with dildos

Seeing this in your hotel probably wouldn’t fill you with much confidence!

Hotel Fails toothbrush holding toilet roll

This hotel likes their paintings so much, they give you 2 of the same! 

Hotel Fails two of the same painting