Night Light With Portable Balls

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Kids will be begging you to turn off the lights because that’s when this night light really shines. This multi-coloured, interactive night light with portable balls features 3 removable illuminated glow balls that have nothing electronic in them, they hold there glow from the light for 30 minutes before fading. Awesome!

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  1. Teri Lundin

    What a great idea.
    a new meaning to time to go to bed kids no longer does it have to be a frightful experience.

    • Jeffrey Stephens

      Yeah, I know! It's like the best thing they've invented since the torch. Or did I mean the candle? Lamp? No, lightbulb. That's the one.

    • Alanis Braun

      Kids won't ever go to sleep! YAY! -_-

  2. Pamela McMillan Henderson

    I love this my Grandson would also.Can I buy one

  3. Ashley Walker

    where do I get one?

  4. Kirsty Marie Adams

    I love this creative fun idea! It's a bit pricey but I think it's worth it, so I will have to invest in one of these shortly for my girl 🙂

  5. Amber Philpott

    I live In New Zealand…. How much would it b to send here and how much all up? Please and thank you.

  6. Jeffrey Stephens

    Sorry. I can build my own for a lot less than sixty three dollars!

  7. Fanie Deschamps

    My son Jeffrey could really use some of these nightlights

  8. Jodi Vimto Strange

    Love this!

  9. Paula Grisales

    Veronica Romer-Reed soo perfect for the girls!

  10. Linda Moehlenkamp

    where do I go to get one I cant find a web sight anywhere, and how much.

  11. Cory Allen Knowlton


  12. Mauro Reschini

    Nobody know where I can buy online in Europe…..Amazon UK not available anymore….thanks.

  13. Lindsey BreaAnne Ward

    I want one if thiese.

  14. Terri Fleischman

    This is AWESOME!!!!!

  15. Candis Powell

    Omgggg I want this!

  16. Candis Powell

    Omgggg I want this!

  17. Jolene Martin

    where can you get them for £45.99 as amazon is £89.99.

  18. Anne Piizano

    this is great! I really want it!

  19. Atlanta Woodgates

    This is a really grwat idea!

  20. Howard Kay

    I'm just thinking of night time juggling!

  21. Howard Kay

    I'm just thinking of night time juggling!

  22. Julz N Emily

    well that sucks,, will not deliver to Western Australia…. mmmm

  23. Pearl Rita DuNasemant

    Yes please and thank you.

  24. Zheak Alexander Milne

    Grammar errors in the description. Awesome product, I will probably be getting one.

  25. Zheak Alexander Milne

    Grammar errors in the description. Awesome product, I will probably be getting one.

  26. Yolanda Torres

    How can I order? I clicked the more info link and got an error on the page…

  27. Shawna Beymer

    Aaaand I see fairy globes for ren fair…. 😀

  28. Joletta Carpenter


  29. John Pack

    In the description: it's "their" not "there" sheesh!

  30. Daniel Knight

    Did you get it yet?

  31. Benjamin Wolvenhour

    This would be amazing for my Tardis! 😀

  32. Jeremy Dziewurski

    I've actually seen these already in stores in Toronto.

  33. Benjamin Wolvenhour

    Jeremy Dziewurski WHEREEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  34. Steph Boots Deatherage

    Since no one can click the "More Info" button… It's on Amazon.

  35. Vickie Thompson

    I'd totally reenact Jareth the Goblin King if I owned this lamp.

  36. Adrian Torres Mora

    I could scre the hell out my stupid friends and tell them it's a bomb.

  37. Charlotte Sturm

    I like your thinking 😀

  38. Tyler Williamson

    id get one now those looks epic ;P.

  39. Jessyca’ Cii

    I need this

  40. Paulina Vitaliyevna Ifraimova

    You're perfect. Carry on.

  41. Alyas Kammer

    yes but can you reuse them after they fade.

  42. Brenda Williamson

    These look so cool.

  43. Mareena Bowman

    Can someone get me this for my birthday?

  44. Christen Bowman


  45. Kelly White

    Omgness I want this bad

  46. Roderick Holliday

    If I had those I could use them for some awesome poi spinning!

  47. Amit Kumar

    62 dollars? All you need is a translucent orb filled with phosphorescent liquid.

  48. Summer Finch

    really want this for cayden for christmas. 🙂

  49. Wylane Justus

    Definitely want!

  50. Paul Marra

    Lucas would love this 🙂

  51. Paul Marra

    Lucas would love this

  52. Paul Marra

    Suzanne Harvey. 🙂 they glow dude….

  53. Suzanne Harvey

    Wow lovely 🙂

  54. George Frey

    Chidori anyone?

  55. Jungle Kittn

    So dope

  56. Barbara Milligan

    I found it !!!

  57. Ruddy Vuk

    J'veux ca!!!!

  58. Holly Walker

    Love it! Really expensive though :-[

  59. Ashton E. McCray

    Shouldn't it be "their" not "there"?

  60. Jeremy Hardin


  61. Jo’ Kai-Whitewind

    Does anyone else think that you can pretend to be an Ood or is it just me (

  62. Yon Lambert

    Their , there , this ,that ,those,them who cares go back to face book fair dinkum comment the product not tha !!!!!!!! Grammar crikey synics on every sight annoy da bejebeeeees outta of me get a life and make you comment productive or worth reading idiots abroad stay away

  63. Carmen Dani Miranda

    Alguien sabe cuanto vale los envíos hasta España??

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