Motorized Couch Experience


Have a crazy day out blasting down the road on this motorized couch experience! This ride will have your heart beating out of your chest and leave you wanting more! Addictive stuff! Awesome!

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  1. Sophia Bennett

    wtf? This is awesome. lol

  2. Barbara Rincon

    For those couch potato's on the go………………….

  3. Barbara Rincon

    For those couch potato's on the go………………….

  4. Gen Watkins

    I want to do this lol

  5. Erin Kauwoh

    a road trip with this would be fun!!! 😀

  6. Michael Partipilo

    Wonder what the mpg is? XD

    • Jacob Elijah Dixon

      87 mph

    • Jacob Elijah Dixon


  7. Raed Abdalla

    Ali Assi Hassan Fouani run this!

  8. Joshua Cyrus


  9. Clare Ingham

    imagine bezzing round streets on this this couch lmao.

  10. Brant Moser

    could you imagine the look on a police mans face when he has to pull the couch driver over for speeding!

  11. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  12. Jeffery Benitez

    Serious I try that hmm believes that Safety?

  13. Edward L K Hopkins

    I need this! If anyone knows where it is sold let me know!

  14. Margaret Tandy

    What a very different driving experience gift would love to own one rather than just have the experience course of driving one lol.

  15. Jessica Anne Pearce


  16. Meghan Werling

    I want this! 😀

  17. Jon Boomgaarden

    I would LOVE to have this but i already c the dui out of it. Damn.

  18. Shana Tee

    That hardly looks safe.

  19. Laura Lugari

    Marina Lugari!

  20. Andy Craig-Burns

    not really new Edd China built one years ago.

  21. Graham Baker

    made in the uk lol.

  22. Graham Baker

    made in the uk lol.

  23. Cameron Cody

    can u actually buy this stuff.

  24. Lisa Tofton

    w0u1d 10ve this yipppppeeeeeeee.

  25. Elizabeth Elliott

    Wtf????? How extraordinary!!!

  26. James Hutchins

    Do you need a license?

  27. Marissa Ann Luckett

    Lol never seen any one driving it >.<.

  28. Grace Can

    Does this thing move? As in drive

  29. Diane Walker

    I can picture it now! Me speeding down the road…and then getting arrested for driving a couch on a motor way 😀

  30. Annette Marie Kobler

    Imagine driving it to work and parking it lol.

  31. Amber Gonzales

    What Tha LOL Imagine the looks haha.

  32. Alexandria Harwood

    If no one notices, it says "experience" and also if you go to more info it'll tell you the same thing.

  33. Matt Davis

    can I get a dwi on this bad boy?

  34. Ivan Vukosavljević

    Jacob Elijah Dixon, he asked for mpG, not mpH, but that fact is really interesting 🙂 Imagine going 87 on a couch xD

  35. Da Wolf

    .__. What has come to society? xD

  36. Supurina Jackson

    For all those times you had to run errands, but didn't want to leave the couch.
    I wonder when this will show up on AFV?

  37. Samatha Lee

    any u crazy folks need the speed in your living room lolol……

  38. Chania Chaisson

    Your kidding me

  39. Heidi Irvin Mentz

    This is hilarious

  40. Matthew Morries

    I dunno about Colorado, but in Maine you can get a dwi on literally anything from a motor vehicle to a bike to a cow

  41. Alexandra Leah Johnson


  42. Reno Vesco III

    Lazy mother fuckers.

  43. Preston Johns

    i love how a motorized COUCH costs $161.99 and a motorized COOLER costs $799.99

  44. Coreen Ford

    Is there anyone stupid enough to buy this ?

  45. Kelly Corcoran Devereaux

    You don't keep the couch…it's just a "couch experience"

  46. Cat Amanigh

    You just get to ride on it. The cooler is for keeps.

  47. Adrian Co

    actually a cooler should cost $799.99 because it makes you COOL. XD

  48. Adrian Co

    actually a cooler should cost $799.99 because it makes you COOL. XD

  49. Adrian Co

    at least its only 6,250 Pesos! 😀

  50. Adrian Co

    at least its only 6,250 Pesos! 😀

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