Surprising Secrets From EMTs And Paramedics


EMTs and paramedics are on the frontline of healthcare. They’re the people who we call on in an emergency and trust to care for us and get us to the ER in a stable enough state to be worked on by the doctors. It’s a high-pressure job and isn’t easy, so you need a special sort of person to fill that roll. At the same time, EMTs are only human, so they have issues of their own and they can make mistakes. We’ve got a handful of stories from folks who work in these jobs, some of which are comforting and other which are slightly disturbing. Check out these thirteen surprising secrets from EMTs and paramedics. 



You must see some pretty odd things being an EMT.


It’s tough if you help others but you can’t help yourself.


We wonder if people see a tunnel of light or if they’re just confused.


This really isn’t the sort of person you want caring for your kids.


Well, that’s kind of inappropriate.


You don’t need someone with this kind of attitude.


Having to deal with other road-users must get frustrating.


We can understand why this would happen!


It’s bad that guys wouldn’t want to date a female EMT.


Having a patient die must be the worst part of the job.


Well, there have to be some perks of the job.


This is exactly the type of person you’d want to look after you.


This must be every EMT’s biggest fear.

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