Minion Slippers

Now you can have your own little minions to keep your feet warm and cozy with these awesome minion slippers! They're soft and cushioned and will fit snugly around your feet. Different sizes available. A great gift for fans of the Despicable Me movies!



  1. Emma Jade Clutton

    Gregg clutton

  2. Jo Priestley

    Not bad 4 10.99

  3. Jo Priestley

    Not bad 4 10.99

  4. Jessica Greene

    love these <3

  5. Carliiee Jones

    i so want these for a special someone xx

  6. Shauncey Anna Meegan

    OMG I WANT!!!!!!!!!

  7. James Morgan

    Less than a tenner at the mo

  8. Stay True

    I need them!!!!! =)

  9. Bill Jones

    There at kmart for 10.00

  10. Dana Yassin

    How can I order

  11. Frenci Emme

    le voglio!!!!

  12. Bailey Lee Ann Horoho

    Omg my mommy would love these

  13. Rach Evilyn Qod Daly

    :O I want some

  14. Rach Evilyn Qod Daly

    Helen Daly Was Shanks

  15. Darrin Lloyd

    Everytime I click on "More Info" I get: Secure Connection Failed

    An error occurred during a connection to SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)

  16. Caitlin Clark

    how do I order these

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