20 Awful Things You Got For Halloween When You Were A Kid


Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year. Not only do you get to dress up and goof around with your friends, but you get free candy too! What could be better? Actually, lots of things could be better, but when you were little it was the best. There were some houses you just knew you would get awful 'treats' from but you still turned up faithfully every Halloween! Take a look at these items below and see how many you remember getting!


Gum is not a Halloween treat!


Or how about some 'Werther's Originals' from the bottom of someone's purse?


Remember that gum that always tasted like it was stale?


This has to be the total worst!


Did you ever get given one of these nice religious pamphlets?


It could be worse we suppose, you could have received a rock!


Sugar-free candy is so wrong.


Who wants breath fresheners for Halloween?



Remember those sticky yellow butterscotch candies that you couldn't get the wrapper off?


Not those weird, fake, tasteless 'JuJubes'!


There are no words to describe licorice!


You can't eat a pencil!


Who remembers the taffy that you could not chew?




How about those awful dental health gifts?


Pretzels as a Halloween treat?


Little packs of raisins.


Remember those little chip packs which contained only about two chips?


Everyone got these. No one ate them!


And finally, these looked filled with promise, but were so disappointing!

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