Melting Clock

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Imagine having a clock that appears to be melting off the surface that you placed it on, only to find out that it's an optical illusion? Presenting the magical Melting Clock, a conversation piece that is both art and a precision timepiece. Awesome!



  1. Janis McCahill

    Stella Niatsikas needs this 🙂

  2. Giordy Gerena

    Séjan Niloy

    • Giordy Gerena

      Séjan Niloy

  3. Betty Leonard

    Salvador Dali! I love his art.

  4. Xibalbá Desvol

    Hikuri Datura Metel pa mi cuarto.

  5. Sarah Bethany Altizer

    Soo cool!

  6. Gina Marie Swannell

    very cool site.

  7. Kasie Anderson

    Melted clocks are sold at hobby lobby

    • Xiola Gray

      Not at mine

  8. Anne Piizano

    oh man! I want it!

  9. Raymond Lutz

    On the amazon link, it is being shown as $15, not the $8 you are claming here. Even for $15 I would have bought it, but because the price isn't the advertised price, I am going to pass

  10. Paula Steiner

    For the Salvador Dali fan in your life.

  11. Jacqe Rennie-webster

    just bought one of these I cant wait for it to turn up woohoo its awesome 🙂

  12. Victoria Forsyth

    I bought one of these a few years ago from Amazon. Very disappointing. Although it looked good in the photo, when it arrived, the 'metal' surround was just plastic, and the whole thing looked cheap and tacky! Went in the bin not long after.

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