Portal Bookends

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Give your book shelf a futuristic feel to it with these portal bookends! Made of shiny & durable aluminum, non-slip rubber padding on bottom



  1. Jim Cowan

    cool site, but you must not be selling much… When we click on "More Info" it goes NOWHERE.

  2. Gracie M Montgomery

    this is pretty awesome.

  3. Jim Cowan

    Still trying to buy these bookends, with no luck.

  4. Elanin Vince


  5. Jens Wächter

    pretty awesome

  6. Amy Eaton

    Awesome sauce

  7. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  8. Zak Ibbott

    The cake is a lie

  9. Sevan Garza

    I though it was a female in Portal.. Awesome any ways.

    • Michael Samuel

      Nope. The female was the computer. The main character is a Male Prisoner from a portal testing facility at Aperture Laboratories. In the first one, he escapes, In the second one he comes back to solve everything and escapes again.

    • Joseph Stephen Uddin

      Nope, the main character was a female test subject (called Chell apparently) are you confusing her with the male lead in Half-Life? That said, it's a stick-man such as above when you're playing the player created tests in Portal 2.

  10. Mark Walker

    Omar Hempsall

  11. Chari Richmond

    Ohh I want these book ends.

  12. Samantha LeStrange

    Chell is a woman, who's trapped in Aperture.

  13. Monica Guokas

    I love this.

  14. Jodie Elisha Panda-Bears Winkley

    Michael Samuel female actually

  15. Jodie Elisha Panda-Bears Winkley

    Michael Samuel female actually

  16. Jeannette Pyatt Pond

    I want this!

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