Life-Size E.T. Replica

Now you can have your very own loveable alien with this life-size E.T. replica! Every intricate detail has been hand-painted making him look exactly like the 'real' E.T from the classic 1982 Steven Spielberg film.



  1. Carter Goodman


  2. Carter Goodman


  3. Derek X Miller

    Megan York hahha u would cry

  4. Amber Proud Mummy Wheeler

    i want it !!!!!

  5. Drea Bia GummiBare

    who in they right mind would want a life size ET??

  6. Makenzie Campbell

    WANT THIS SO BADD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anneka Kidd

    Sophie Clarke I think you should get this 😉

  8. Sophie Clarke

    Omg! No way! That scares me just looking at it now! Xx

  9. Heather Rose

    This is for Lee. My Brother. His Christmas gift.

  10. Heather Rose

    right Kelly? heh heh heh

  11. Rebecca Lewis

    Russ I want one of these please just like the one I had growing up 🙂

  12. Rebecca Lewis

    Russ Lewis

  13. Russ Lewis

    Just like the one you took to the operating theatre !

  14. Rebecca Lewis

    Yep that's the one! Please :).

  15. Carly McKean

    Holy mother of fuck its happened!

  16. Ashley McKean

    I was gonna get you E.T as a joke for your birthday…

  17. Heather Giblin

    Lauren Meaux Hobbs

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