LED Plant Pot

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Brighten up your garden with these led plant pots. These color changing pots come in various colors and look amazing day or night! Led compartment is protected by a sealed waterproof casing to prevent any damage.

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  1. Laura Demara

    This looks like something you would like Wanda.

  2. Judy J Kasputis

    me too

  3. Idene Roozbayani

    Emily Potts you will dig these.

  4. Stephanie Burnell Anderson

    I love a softly lit path. Now here is an idea!

  5. Karen Armistead

    Margaret brooke

  6. Georgia Smith

    just got it as a present for someone… hope its worth it 🙂

  7. Linda Gillespie

    creepy crawleys could have a disco….the ugly bug bug lol.

  8. Rahul Roy

    Hi Stephanie how are you friend

  9. Nina Marcos

    Martha Maqueira mira mom ke vonito

  10. Stephanie Mojica

    This is amazing

  11. Sabrenah Maree

    Oh come to mama!

  12. Fyza Aziz

    How much in Ringgit Malaysia(RM)?

  13. Majid Al-Saleh

    How do you place on order ?

  14. Barb Seil

    hit more info it takes you to amazon

  15. Cindy Blanton

    I want to do this!

  16. Belle Carpenter-

    This is much cheaper than the magazines

  17. Belle Carpenter-

    This is much cheaper than the magazines

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