LED Ice Cubes

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Light up the party with these awesome LED ice cubes! Just stick them in the freezer and within a couple hours they'll be ready to use. Completely submersible and with a click of a button you can switch them on or off!

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  1. Laura Bisconte

    must have for bonfires! 🙂

  2. Christine Hayes

    Looks fun for summer nights..

  3. Casey Bagenstos

    Jennifer Astram

  4. Ivonne Gonzalez

    is this even safe?

  5. KrystalandLazaro Torres


  6. Dusky Waata

    Love ts hope its not poison tho

  7. Erin Melissa Miller

    Adam Nead

  8. Emmanuelle Ferreira Ribeiro

    3€ en France chez "chaise longue"

  9. Heather Fish


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